About Us

Flannery's Nurseries was established in 1979. Starting with a 1.5 acre container nursery at Staplestown, producing trees and shrubs for the landscape market. We are a family run business and are now in our second generation of Flannerys , The nursery is now run by Rosemary and her brother Stephen Flannery, Who have been growing plants from a very young age and so have many years experience in all matters of things green. We supply a wide range of plants in a huge range of sizes for gardeners, landscapers and nurseries; we also supply plants to the public in orders big and small.


While most nurseries have tended to expand production in containerised stock. Flannery’s have bucked the trend with strong expansion on field grown trees. Our Beechwood site was purchased in 1990 is dedicated to bare – root and rootballed tree production. The nursery is currently producing around 35,000 to 40,000 trees per annum mostly from 8/10cm through to 35/40cm grade. 

Currently Flannery’s has a staff of 11 dedicated to Customer Services. Part of this commitment to customer service is our dedicated transport system which allows the company to fulfil and react quickly to customer requirements. Flannery’s definitely has a wide range of services to offer any customer